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I am Judith Nylvek, the owner of Creative Solutions Editing and Indexing Limited where I work as an editor, indexer, writer, and consultant. I have over 30 years’ experience teaching linguistics and English grammar at a university in Canada. The focus of my research has been the history and development of Canadian English, but I have also studied American English, British English and other World Englishes.


I have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a doctorate degree in Linguistics. I regularly take professional development courses in editing, indexing, and writing. My main focus  is academic projects in the humanities, social sciences, music, human and social development, and education.


When I'm not working, I might be exercising my golden retrievers, playing a guitar, mandolin, or keyboard, or spending time with the important people in my life.


I am always interested in learning new things and I would be happy to help you with your project. Please email me ([email protected]) and we can discuss your editing or indexing needs and budget. 




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